Q&A Session 2

Welcome back our (not so) weekly Q&A sessions. Every week I’m going to pick some questions to answer from The Creative Photo community. I’m either going to answer them in a blog post, a video, or an audio clip. You can submit your questions to questions@thecreativephoto.com.


I’m sorry it’s been longer than a week, I wanted to give you all more time to send in questions. So i’ll jump right into it.


#1. Rachel from Florida asked, “What is the best lens to start with for portraits?”


Rachel, this is an easy one. The 50mm 1.8g. I’m not sure if you use Nikon or Canon but it’s available for both. One thing I will say is to make sure you find out if your camera has a focus motor. If it doesn’t you will need to make sure the lens is 1.8g. When I got my 50mm I never put it down. I love it. If you’re still working with the kit lens you will love this lens. Eventually you may want to move up to something else like the 70-200, but for starting out and a decent price. This one is the best. Here is a link for you to check out.


#2. Samantha from New Jersey asked, “I’m a single mom with a full time job. I love photography and want to learn but how do you find the time to practice? What can I practice on and what’s the best way to learn when you’re short on time?”


Samantha, I know EXACTLY how you feel. I am not a single mom anymore but, I do work a full time job and I have two lovely children who need their mommy’s attention most of the time. Here is what I do. I photograph them. CONSTANTLY. They are so sick of my camera being in their face, and I’m sure people are probably sick of seeing photos of them but oh well. The best thing to do is take advantage of the fact that you have beautiful models for free. Now this is assuming you’re wanting to get into portraits, or family and children sessions. If you’re looking to get into another genre, like landscapes, sports, night photography or any of the other genres out there, you can still practice on your children. For landscapes, I take my kids to one of the beautiful parks we have here in my town, and I let them play and I practice setting up my composition for landscapes. It’s hard for a single mom to travel and do landscapes so I’m just going to assume that this is not the area you’re getting into, however it’s not IMPOSSIBLE to do.


Another thing I did was buy a foam head from Hobby Lobby, and practiced my focus on that. The best advice I can give you is just take your camera with you everywhere and practice on anything.


As for learning, when you have time to yourself just get on youtube and watch tutorials, and then practice what you learned. Read articles like this one. Google the specific thing you’re looking to learn and just read and watch videos. I like to curl up in my bed for about 30 min before i’m ready to fall asleep and just devour articles and learn as much as I can. I hope this helps.


Well that’s all the questions I got this time around. I really encourage you to email me your questions. I’d love to do longer posts in the future. Just email me at questions@thecreaivephoto.com. You are welcome to include your name, city, business name, and link to your website and I’ll post it in the article. Of course if you don’t want me to post your information that’s fine too,  just let me know in the email.
Thanks for reading guys stay tuned next week for another Q&A

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