The Neewer Backdrop and Lighting Kit Review

Hey, everyone! So I wanted to do a quick review of this kit that I have. It’s a Neewer backdrop and lighting kit. It was $99.99 on Amazon. I’ve heard some mixed reviews on this and now that I have had a chance to use it for awhile I just wanted you to know my thoughts.

First, of the kit comes with the following:

(2)75″/1.9m Photography Studio Light Stands

(1)20″/50cm Table Top Light Stand

(3)Single Head Light Holder

(2)White Translucent Umbrella

(3)110V 45W Day-Light Studio Light Bulbs

(2)Carrying Case

(1)2.6x3m Background stand 10x8ft

(6)4.5″ muslin clamp

(1)1.8×2.8m/6x9ft white background


That is not bad at all for 100 bucks. But does it work?


Here is my set up for today’s shoot.



The Background stand to me is very sturdy. No bending in the middle. Right now it has three poles on it but it comes with four, so it can be a lot wider. I’ve used it with four and still no bending. I had the muslin and the seamless paper that I have up and it’s held both very well.


The light stands are very light and can be knocked over pretty easily, But that is nothing that a sandbag can’t fix.



The light bulbs are a bit dimmer than I’d like but you can always replace them with brighter ones.
The muslin backdrop came wrinkled, but they have to fold it up to ship it so you can’t expect it not to be. It’s hard to get the wrinkles out but the shot doesn’t look bad. I posted the before and after for you. 




Not bad. And it didn’t take me very long at all. I just adjusted the highlights and Whites using a graduated filter and erased it off of Savannah.


Here i a shot with the paper up on the stand.




All in all, I would say this is an excellent buy for the price. Honestly, you can’t beat that price. I have gotten some great shots with this setup and my 50mm lens. If you’re a beginner or just wanting something portable and quick that you can set up almost anywhere. This is the thing for you! ( I am not advertising for them, I just love this kit and wanted to share)

Here is one more to show off for you 🙂



I hope this well helpful, Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.



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