My 3 Top websites that can help get your photos out there

 Besides the usual, facebook, Instagram, and other social media websites, there are several websites out there, that let you signup and upload your photos for free. Most of them have a premium subscription where you pay monthly, but in my experience, I haven’t had the need to do that. You may find the features worth paying for, so feel free to check them out. However, I use the websites mainly for getting my photos out to the internet world and getting feedback. A lot of professional photographers that are on these websites will offer feedback and like your photos, which causes you to gain more recognition. Let me explain what each one does and it will make more sense. I’m going to list them in order from my favorite to my least favorite, but they are all good in some ways.

1. Pixoto


Pixoto is by far my favorite place to post my photos. The way Pixoto works, is you upload your photo and people vote on them. They compare your photo next to another one of the same category. The person who is voting cannot see whose photo it is. All they see is two photos next to each other, and they click on the one the think is best.
Now the catch is, you have to have a certain amount of credits to be able to post your photos. ( l know you’re thinking “oh so this isn’t going to be free”) oh but it is! The way you earn credits is by voting! Every time you vote you get another credit. This is how Pixoto keeps it fair so that people don’t come in and post all their photos and leave. They have to vote as well. There are also awards you can earn. Best of the day, best of the week, etc. You can sell your photos too! There is so much about this website that I love. So you should definitely go check it out.

2. 500px


Another of my favorites is 500px. The reason I love this website so much is because there are so many beautiful photos from professional photographers on here. It’s inspiring. When I need some creative ideas I will spend hours looking through the photos and saving my favorites. There are photo quests on here as well. You can win prizes and get inspired all at the same time.
500px is also a stock site. They have a marketplace where you can add your photos for people to buy. More seasoned photographers will like your photos and that sometimes allows them to be seen more. You can follow other photographers that you love.This site is just full of gorgeous photography. Definitely, check it out.

3. Flickr


Flickr has come a long way. I enjoy this website because your photos are seen by tons of people. The photostream looks amazing when you have a nice collection of your photos posted. The photos are nice and big and look great. You can follow other people and create albums to share with family and friends. They allow you 1,000 GB of storage. You can comment on each other’s photos and much more.
I highly encourage you to check out these websites. They can really help you grow as a photographer, and meet other photographers. Sign up for all three of them and search for me if you like. You’ll find me under Jamie Fountain Photography. I hope this article was helpful and encouraged you to get your photos out there!

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