Crop Sensor or Full Frame. Which Should I start with?

When it comes to deciding on which camera to buy, a lot of photographers insist that you have to have a full frame camera to be a professional photographer. I don’t agree with this. I’m going to tell you why.

There are a lot of good reasons to purchase a full frame DSLR.

-better in low light situations
-better image quality
-better with wide angle work


These are excellent reasons to buy a full frame, however, they are very expensive. Thousands of dollars compared to hundreds of dollars. They also are a lot heavier, as a matter of fact, both the body and the lenses are a lot heavier. On crop sensor DSLRs, there is a little more reach with the lenses as well.

So those are the main differences. I know after reading that you’re thinking why on earth would I want to get a crop sensor then?

Here is why:

When you’re first starting your business a crop sensor is more than enough to get professional-looking photos for your clients. Starting a business is very expensive. There are so many things that you need, lenses, marketing tools, tutorials, and plenty of other gear and things that will help your business grow. These things cost lots of money. Have you ever heard that old saying “You have to spend money to make money” well for photography this is especially true.

The $3,000 plus dollars you’ll be spending on a full frame camera can better go towards starting your business.
I hope this post was helpful. This is just my opinion. A lot of people struggle with the decision on starting with a full frame or crop sensor, so I hope that this has helped you to not struggle so much with the choice. It seems pretty simple. Get the crop sensor camera, for now, focus on building your clients, your business, and learning the craft. Once you’ve done that and saved up, by all means, upgrade. 🙂

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