7 ways to stay motivated as a photographer

Whether you’re a new photographer, a hobbyist, or a seasoned professional photographer, I’m sure you have come across this situation. If you haven’t, you will trust me. You start to get caught up in the day to day, and shooting the same thing, at the same place, with the same models. All of a sudden you wake up and you realize that you’re not that excited about photography like you used to be. Well, don’t worry! I have a few tips to get your creative juices going again.

#1. Look at other photographer’s work.


Sit down and go through 500px or Pixoto and just devour other photos. Take them in and find ones you love and save them as inspiration. A lot of the times when you are feeling like nothing new is coming out of your camera, you can find something that sparks a new idea. I’m not saying to copy other photographers but sometimes seeing their work will help you come up with your own creative ideas.

#2. Buy new gear.

Most of the time all it takes is a new piece of gear. Something to change things up. A new lens, new software, a new reflector. Anything. Sometimes just something new is enough to get you excited about shooting again.

#3. Get together in your area

Find other photographers in your area and doing a photo walk, or team up on a new project. Spending time with other photographers is a great way to get motivated. You can see new ideas on how to do the same things. This can always help make it more fun.

#4 New places and new people

Find a brand new place with a brand new model that you’ve never been to, or used before and come up with an awesome new project for yourself. Sometimes we get caught up in shooting for our client that we don’t take time to do a shoot that WE want to do. Pick a weekend on your calendar and block it out. No new clients. Take that time to do something for yourself.

#5. Do something new with the same old place.


Pick a place that you go to often and come up with a new way to shoot there. Change up the composition, use a different style. Just make the same old place look new and exciting.

#6. Teach others.

Sometimes when you take time to mentor or teach other photographers your skills, it also helps you learn new things and motivates you to get out there and keep shooting. Seeing the improvement in someone else, and seeing the look on their face when they finally get that great shot can be pretty gratifying to a mentor.

#7. Shoot something you normally wouldn’t shoot.

This is a sure way to get motivated. If you shoot landscapes, try portraits, if you shoot portraits, try sports. You get the idea. Try out something that you normally wouldn’t shoot. Learn everything you can about that specific genre of photography.

I hope you take some of these options and use them. I don’t want to see anyone getting stuck in a rut or giving up on their photography. Just get out there and shoot.  I’d love to hear some stories of when you were in a funk and how you got out of them. Please comment below and let us know.

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